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Visiting Rodeo Committees

We're excited to have ya!

Please fill out the form below if your rodeo committee is planning to attend the 103rd Annual Red Bluff Round-Up.

What's your name?

Where are ya comin' from?

Who is all coming?

Make sure to put each attendee's name here so we are able to make credentials.

When will you be here?

Select dates below

How many tickets are needed each day?

Director's Party following Saturday and Sunday Perfs?

Director Party held at the Rodeo Office immediately following the Rodeo Performance

If yes,

Ticket Pick-Up/Delivery

Please note who will be picking up tickets. If the group tickets will be picked up together please note whose name they should be placed under for "All Days." If tickets will be distributed separately, please note who will be picking up tickets on the applicable days.

Can we mail the tickets to you? Must request by 3/15

Can we mail your tickets to you?

Anything else we should know?

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