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Bud Light 3000

Date: Apr 15, 2020
The Bud Light 3000 Barrel Race began In 2010 as The Vetericyn 3000 Open 4D Barrel Race. In 2012 the name changed to The Bud Light 3000, when Bud Light stepped in as the main sponsor. Today we are grateful for Bud Light and The Red Bluff Round-Up Committee.

The race began on the Rolling Hills Golf Course. The Red Bluff Round-Up committee used to offer a Golf Tournament to contestants. This particular year was a nasty, windy, rainy, day for golf so Red Bluff Round-Up Committeemen and Barrel racing supporter Mike Dudley was talking to Stacey Freitas. Mike suggested producing a barrel race the next day during practice for the Red Bluff Round-Up Rodeo. Stacey said sure we can run it, and that is all there is to it. Well almost.....

In 2011 The Bikini Race was an added attraction when Mike Dudley suggested a Bikini Race to keep his hard working crew interested and on board. Within a few year this race has become very popular. Sell out crowds come to watch beautiful, talented athletic woman on some of the best horses in the business. Puma Road Wines/Ray Franscioni is sponsoring our epic Bikini Race this year. The Bikini Calcutta is held prior and the bidders will bid on a team of Bikini Runners; giving them two opportunities to win money in the Calcutta. This is good, clean fun and great watching. No entry fee, although to be eligible to run you have to be 18 or older and pre entered in the Open 4D Race. We promise some exciting entries this year!

The last two years the Cowboy race was successfully added, as something for the barrel racers to watch. It is not a mens' barrel race but a cowboy race.

For example if you are a cowboy who competes in barrel racing normally; you would not be eligible to compete. The Cowboy Race is for Cowboys who don't generally compete in the sport of barrel racing. Tanimura & Antle has stepped up in support of our Cowboy Race. This may be the only Barrel Race that charges admission ($5) and SELLS OUT, due to the enthusiasm of the Bikini/Cowboy Calcutta and Barrel Race. The Cowboy Calcutta sells the men separately giving opportunities for the fans to pull a check. The Cowboy Calcutta has offered fun, full of stunts and more clean fun!

Please check back for entry information.
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